Welcome to the Gallows Humor Blog!

Happy Sunday everyone! Today is the day I post the link to this blog on our Facebook page, thus making it somewhat official. Please bear with us, as the layout is not completely finalized yet and so will be likely to change a bit in the days and weeks ahead. It occurred to me that I won’t ever be satisfied with it until I get some kind of feedback. So, feed me, people! Let me know what you like, don’t like, ask questions on the ask me feature on the right hand menu, send commentary, offer up your views on life and undeath… 

It is our goal to interact with our fans more frequently, and to give you all updates on what it is we’re doing, both as a band, and as individual people-things. Obviously not a lot of content yet, but that will change as time rolls on. 

Na Zdrovya,


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One Response to Welcome to the Gallows Humor Blog!

  1. Your header and background are absolutely gorgeous and perfect for the band. Enjoy filling up the blog with stuffz from your tasty brain meats.

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