Boston Marathon Bombing.

{EDIT: If you have any loved ones that were in Boston, the number to call for information, in addition to the links below is  the mayor’s hotline at 617-635-4500.
 Anyone who has information about the bombings or saw anything suspicious can call 1-800-494-TIPS.}

I hope most of you have heard of this by now, but this morning the Boston Marathon was bombed twice. As far as I can tell, the general consensus is 2 dead, many injured, much of them severely. My Facebook feed is filled with posts from my friends and also celebrities I “like” expressing their hurt and outrage, their hopes and well-wishes for the people injured or killed, as well as for the family members of the aforementioned. For the city itself. They have posted links to Google and the American Red Cross, both of which have put up pages to help loved ones ascertain the status of anyone they may know that was at the event. I even read that several politicians campaigning in that area immediately called off their campaigns that morning in order to divert the law enforcement resources dedicated to protecting them and their events to assist at the Marathon Bombings. I generally don’t have a lot of positive things to express about politicians, but that is a damn decent thing to do. Many of the runners that had already finished the 26 mile race, upon learning what had happened, started running again, to the nearest hospital to donate blood for the many injured. Almost everywhere, it seems that the best of humanity has shown itself today. Even as people ran from the explosions (as I witnessed in several of the videos) many people ran towards the plumes of smoke, heedless of their own safety as they raced to assist.

I hope they nail the bastard(s) that did this. I think in this case lex talionis would be appropriate.

And please let me add my well-wishes for all those affected by the bombings today. Be they the victims, families of, or even the many people stunned just to here about it. My best hopes and sympathies.


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