Escondido coming up!

Well, next weekend is the first weekend of the Escondido Renaissance Faire, and our first faire of the season! I’m excited, to be sure. I love this faire. It’s easy to get to, the temperature isn’t obscene, and it is absolutely gorgeous to look at. This coming Tuesday is the band’s final rehearsal before the start of faire. Last chance to put the ol’ polish on our set list. Speaking of, I’m curious. What is your favorite song that we play? If there is a clear favorite or two, I’ll talk to Gogu and Stromboli, and see if we can’t perform them each set, or at least more than once a day. Leave us a comment!


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One Response to Escondido coming up!

  1. Mischa says:

    “Don’t judge me” is most favorite song of Mrs. Pavel!

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