New Gigs! Big News!

So, now that we’ve all decompressed properly from the Sharknado of Awesome™ that was the Big Bear Renaissance Faire, I want to announce some new upcoming gigs. 



Yep. True story, bro. We are booked two weekends. September 28-29, and October 5-6. Stage times will be added when we get them. We know most of you are relatively local to Southern California, but if you have friends/family in Nor Cal, please pimp us out like the cheap girls on the side of the street with the busted streetlamp. We’re also working on getting some new merchandise available, and the album, while not ready in time for Northern, is just about ready for final mastering. We’re really excited about that.

No date has been set in stone yet, but we are working on a show at DBA in Pomona in November. We shall let you know when that happens!

Lastly, we shot a video at rehearsal last night to promo our Northern Faire gig. It’s up on the facebook page here, and it’s currently uploading to youtube as well. Once its finished, I’ll post it here as well.

Na Zdrovya!


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