Pavel’s Tarot Card of the Day, or insert better title here.

I had an idea yesterday. Before you worry, know that it was humid, so nothing caught fire. My idea was to draw a Tarot card from my deck every day, and post it’s meaning here. I haven’t read the cards lately, and so I am out of practice. Hence, doing this will help me re-familiarize myself with my deck, with the ultimate goal being to be able to offer readings at Ren Faires and events. I also have an idea of making weekly videos of three or ten card spreads, if the demand for it is good. Like those horoscopes in the Sunday papers, but with tarot, and in video goodness.

So, without further ado, here is the first random draw from my Medieval Scapini Deck.

Today’s draw is the Popess. Image

The Scapini deck is a very busy deck. All of the illustrations are incredibly detailed, and the symbolism is packed in. In the Popess we see at the forefront a young Popess, with the Maltese cross joined with a child’s head referring to the legend of Pope Joan around her neck. In her right hand she holds the Book of Life, with the kabbalistic Tree of Life on the cover. Her robes are dark blue and her tiara is of a crescent moon, both symbols of femininity and intuition.

The Divinatory meanings for this card include: Wisdom, Forsight, Intuition, Sound judgement, Perception, and Common Sense. Learning, Serenity, Objectivity and Education. Purity, Virture, Severity, Self-reliance, and Hidden Emotion.

Reversed meanings for a card drawn upside down include: Ignorance, Lack of understanding, Conceit and Acceptance of superficial knowledge. Shortsightedness, Selfishness, and Improper judgement.

Today is the day to take moment to look at things objectively. Easier said than done, common sense can go a long way. Be careful when taking someone’s opinion as fact without doing the research. Don’t be afraid to trust your intuition.

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