Tuesday Tarot Draw 10/29/2013

Due to all the gigs this autumn that have fallen from the sky, and also to the fact that the Tarot draw takes more time to research and analyze than I predicted the daily every other daily completely random draws are now going to be once a week. Tuesday seemed like as good a day as any, because I absolutely adore alliteration. So, Tarot Tuesdays are here! Until something else shiny falls from the sky and ruins my plans. Like a 3 weekend gig at a Post-apocalyptic event?

But, onward, I say. Today’s Tarot Tuesday Draw is:


XV The Devil

The Devil is the 15th card of the Major Arcana, (16th if you count The Fool, whose number is 0.) All four elements are embodied in this image of The Devil. His red face and flaming right hand are Fire, his wings Air, the fish scales on his legs Water. His legs are those of a goat, which represents Earth. His beard, combined with his feminine breasts combine to paint the Devil as not belonging to male or female, but being a part of both. This is reinforced by the male and female imps dancing at his feet. The imps are dancing the tango, and dance imbued heavily sensuousness. The gold rope that binds them both together and to The Devil indicate that those shackled by him wear their restraints willingly. It is a prison of their own making.  Like The Devil itself, this is a complex card, which in a tarot spread, is influenced, and influences in turn the cards surrounding it.

This card, because it belongs to the Major Arcana, generally refers more to mood or circumstances than it does to actual people or events.

Divinatory Meanings include: Subordination, Bondage, Malevolence, Subservience, Downfall. Weird Experiences, Bad outside influences or advice. Black Magic, Unexpected Failure, the Seeming inability to realize one’s goals. Dependence on another person that leads to unhappiness. Violence, Shock, Fatality. Self-punishment. Self-sabotage. Temptation to evil, Lack of principles or humor. Schadenfreude.

Reversed Meanings: Release from Bondage, Throwing off one’s shackles, Divorce. Respite. Overcoming handicaps. The first steps towards enlightenment. The beginning of spiritual Understanding. Recognition of one’s needs by another.

Don’t be discouraged by obstacles in the way of your goals. Stick to the plan, or if necessary, devise a new way around, but don’t surrender yourself to an ‘easy fix.’

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