Tuesday Tarot, now on Tuesday! 11/12/2013

Good afternoon everyone, looks like I finally managed to get a Tuesday Tarot out on Tuesday. Hot sauce! Today’s card is the Ten or Wands.


The Ten of Wands

Two merchants with heavily-laden mules travel down a winding path, with ten club-wielding bandits lying in wait. The color of the leaves in the foliage indicate autumn, signifying the end of summer or abundance.

This is a fairly straightforward card, and one doesn’t need to look far into the imagery to see the meanings. Unlike many cards, the reversed meanings don’t really have an opposite view of the upright meanings. Instead, it shifts the focus off the merchants and onto the bandits. An upright Ten of Wands might indicate that the Querant is in over their heads, while a reversed Ten of Wands might indicate the Querant is involved or may become involved in treacherous dealings.

Divinatory meanings include: The feeling of being over burdened. Excessive pressures. Striving to meet a goal or to maintain a certain level or position. Problems soon to be resolved. Possibly using power for selfish ends.

Reversed meanings: Intrigues. Duplicity. Treachery. Subterfuge. Theft or loss. Deceiver. Traitor.

If you’ve a lot on your plate, beware of taking any more. Don’t stretch yourself overmuch, and leave yourself the extra time and resources to adapt to any bumps in the road ahead. If something seems to good to be true, it almost always is, especially now.

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