Tuesday Tarot, 11-19-2013

Once again, I have managed a Tuesday update. I’ll try not to let this go to my head, but remember, I am a drummer. With that said, today’s Tarot Card is the Ace of Swords.


The Ace of Swords, like all four of the Aces of the Minor Arcana, is represented in a simple fashion, with less detail than the rest of the cards. However, the Ace cards are the penultimate card of each suite, and thus represent the suite the strongest. The Ace of Swords is, oddly enough, a large sword against a plain open sky. Around the tip of the sword is a crown with alternating spades and lightning bolts. Wings and palm fronds also hang from the crown. Upon the hilt is the symbol of yin and yang. We also have a large amount of Biblical reference on this card. To the right, Abel is looking to the heavens with a sacrificial lamb in his arms. To his left, Caine holds the harvest and fruits of labor with eyes cast downward. The serpent of Eden looks down over him. The handle of the sword is the stature of Victory encircled with a laurel wreath.

Divinatory meanings include: Conquest, Championship, Power. Triumph, Love, Deep emotional Feeling. Great Determination, Initiative, Force. Success, Activity, Excessiveness.

Reversed meanings include: Debacle, Tyranny, Disaster. Violent Temper, Self-Destruction, Hindrance. Embarrassment, Infertility, Obstacle.


Today is a day to act with determination and initiative. If you have been putting off making  a decision or taking a stand for something you believe in, now is the time. Today is not a day for procrastination or leaving important words unspoken.

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