Tuesday Tarot, on Wednesday again. >.< 11-27-2013

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. I’d like to apologize for the delay once again, but this time I have a good excuse. At last weekend’s Green Zone 11 event, my wife Mischa was stung by a hornet. For most of the day Saturday, her only problem was a persistent burning at the sting sight. By Sunday, we had to go see a doctor. Things are on the up and up, but it did mess with my week, hence my being tardy on the Tarot card draw. This one is for her.

Our card today is the Four of Cups, drawn upside down.  (Upside DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWN! Dun Dun DUUUUUUUHN)


The Four of Cups imagery is twofold. The first to catch the eye is the weeping mermaid astride a old and dying sea serpent, behind which a joyful youth rides a young serpent, trailing gold ribbon behind. The mermaid represents a tragedy, and the youth behind her is the Deus ex Machina. Secondarily, are the images within the four urns themselves. The first is of a woman standing on a stool, surrounded by a snake, a spider and a rat. We have Eros, the blind god of erotic love, and also Silenus, the drunken son of Pan, and the bottom urn shows a man crawling through the desert, dying of thirst.

Divinatory meanings: Weariness, Aversion, Disgust. Unhappiness, Bitter experience, Stationary life, or lack of forward momentum in life.

Reversed meanings: New possibilities, New approaches to old problems. New relationships, New knowledge or acquaintances.

In hindsight, both sides of the card apply to my wife’s situation. When she was stung she was unhappy, weary from the ordeal, and still a bit bitter towards wasps. But then we also learned she’s mildly allergic to wasps, and now know to act accordingly.

Today is a day to choose between finding a new solution to standing issue, or to open yourself to a new set of circumstances that don’t involve the original issue at all. A positive shakeup to the status quo is in store today either way.

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2 Responses to Tuesday Tarot, on Wednesday again. >.< 11-27-2013

  1. I am still bitter towards the waspsauce and his stingpants. I was speaking ill of him just yesterday. Heh.

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