Tuesday Tarot 12-03-2013

Well folks, another Tuesday, another Tarot card. But before I get to that, I want to take a quick moment to tell you how awesome the Green Zone 11 event was. For a first time event, there were a fair amount of vendors, guilds, and entertainers. Not a lot of patrons, but every startup event will usually have that problem. Point being, it was a blast, regardless of the amount of people. Gallows Humor and Romale Strigoi had a great time in our encampment, and I will be putting together a little video of Vladimir and I getting our asses kicked by a can of beets, as well as the most disturbing video of Gogu ever, I think. I’ll try to get that up at some point this week. But now, onto the Tarot draw.

Today’s card is VIII JUSTICE


JUSTICE is another fairly straightforward card, with most of the symbolism being fairly obvious. The scales can be easily recognized, as they continue to be a symbol of concept of justice to this day. And like the modern symbolism, Justice is portrayed as a woman, though in this case there are several other fertility symbols, such as the pillars of the arch behind her being decorated with a multitude of breasts, as well as an Amazon warrior astride a horse above Justice. This is to show that while justice may seem harsh to the judged, the world is a better place for having justice in it. Around the arch, the four seasons are also represented.

Divinatory Meanings: Fairness, Justice. Harmony, Equity. Balanced Conduct, Righteousness. Virtue, Honor. Impartiality firmness of character. Virginity, Just reward. A considerate person, A person who responds favorably to the good in others. A fair outcome, whether good or bad for the querant. Equilibrium, Poise.

Reversed Meanings: Bias, False accusations. Bigotry, Intolerance. Abuse, Unfairness, Severity of Judgement.

In your dealings, it is important to be fair and honest, as the truth will come out. Of you deal fairly, you will be dealt with fairly. Bury any hatchets now, and try to reconcile any disagreements.

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