Spring Esco Faire, you showed us quite a time!

This year’s Spring Esco Faire was magnificent! 2015 will go down in all the seedy historical romance novels as the year in which Pavel Malikov serenaded and asked for Her Majesty’s Hand in marriage despite numerous objectionals by his own Barrister, Marian V. Gogu, Esq. and an eyebrow raise or two from his current wife.

Nice try, Mr. Malikova!

(Magical Flemmish pictorals to follow. We hope!  )

Such fun was had and also a lot of tipsy-Gypsy-toeing as the inaugural batch of Pavel & Mischa’s Hard AppleSauce™ made its debut. Definite room for improvement but…it got the job done in splendiferous yeasty fashion!


The Romale Strigoi encampment overflowed with all of our favorite peoples and curiously…a lot of May flowers. We shall not speak of the latter ever and ever again. Many songs were sung, much love was shared, and a whole bunch of friends got Gypsy-piled.

11164724_10205312150335562_7089404140387494698_oRANDY.PARRISH-BELL  11163112_10205312206136957_6249412151324769843_oRANDY.PARRISH-BELL

It ams what we do. HaHA!

THANK YOUS ALL AROUND from the bottoms of our black, creepy hearts to all the friends and fans who came to our shows, sang and danced with us up at front gate, took awesome pictures, bought a CD or T-Shirt (We finally have this thing!) or just came to visit and laugh with us at our encampment. You make what we do more fun than can adequately be expressed and we shall forever be grateful for each and every one of your faces. ❤

11075277_10205312243497891_6340180608190820656_oRANDY.PARRISH-BELL  11193284_10153807004542785_3448393775691262276_nSARAH.LEMLER


About Mischa Malikova

All there is, was and ever shall be. With a slice of pie à la mode.
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