Return of Two Rivers Renaissance Faire

Gallows Humor returns to the Two Rivers Renaissance Faire Pirate and Faerie Festival in Yuma, AZ. It opens February 3 2017 for it’s Eleventh year and will run through February 5th. Find us on the Chase and Cot stage at 11:45, 2:00, 4:00. Come check us out and see our newest members:

Boris Valarious (Danny Harnden), King of the Gypsies, who will provide melodious vocalizations


and Måthías Árnrunrvedr Hákonan who will provide rhythmic percussions!


Hope to see you there!

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What you missed at the London Bridge Renaissance Faire

Gogu rode a Horse and both somehow survived. (photo by Randy Parrish-Bell)gogu-on-a-horse

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Gallows Humor Band Returns To Escondido Renaissance Faire

Hey Escondido, we’re back! Come see your favorite macabre and comedic Gypsy band with new vocalist Boris Valarious (Danny Harnden)!


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What You Missed At Off Kilter Kilts

A sample of our performance at Off Kilter Kilts

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Come To See Your Favorite Undead Gypsies


Our next show is at Off Kilter Kilts on August 27
2610 Colorado Blvd Pasadena around 6:00 pm. Come help us celebrate their anniversary.

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July Reigns Supreme With Birthday Wishes

In this the glorious month of July Gallows Humor wishes that the birthdays of our Mischa Malikova and Uncle Rasputin are beyond both their macabre expectations!

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All rejoicements upon this Glorious Month of May!

Our very own Marian von Gogu and Kizzy Koriatovitch have recently celebrated the anniversary of being thrust upon this world to bring it endless torment and shenanigations!

Kizzy on the 17th and Marian today!


12238022_10208172013157542_3669094441181689220_oKIMBERLY MONIQUE PAUL


A belated but heartfelt and rather tasty birthday wish to Kizzy’s other half, Gregor Koriatovitch, who in his blatant display of humbleness didn’t dare make a spectacle of his date of emergence on February 19th!

He’s a cool, delicious scoop of Gypsy spice-cream, that Gregor.

And let’s not forget the savory and majestic Pavelsauce who jumped to the head of the line and claimed January 11th for his debut just to show us all how it’s done, lest we were ignorant of how to properly play the song of his people and perform the required annual celebrationals.

For myself and Uncle Rasputin?  You are going to have to wait until the blazing fire of Summer to pay homage to our dates of birthing because only July has the fortitude to stand up to that level of heat.


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