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All rejoicements upon this Glorious Month of May!

Our very own Marian von Gogu and Kizzy Koriatovitch have recently celebrated the anniversary of being thrust upon this world to bring it endless torment and shenanigations! Kizzy on the 17th and Marian today! SRETAN ROĐENDAN! ALSO! A belated but … Continue reading

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Spring is upon us and it’s gained a few pounds!

Get ready to squeeze into your bodices and breeches (I know I ams!) because Spring Esco is right around the corner and we hear it’s bigger and better!  The new team at Olde Tyme Productions are bringing this show back … Continue reading

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Pinch me I think I’m dreaming because this one’s more fun than a Gypsy ought to be able to have without fear of arrest! That’s right my little chavales, the much anticipated High Desert Pirate Renaissance Faire which was newly … Continue reading

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We ams not Pirates!

But WHOA do we love us some pirate-y festivities! YES INDEED WE DO! Come see your favorite Undead Gypsies, GALLOWS HUMOR, at the freshly minted LANDERS PIRATE INVASION in, you guessed it: Landers, CA! Details: Saturday Oct 11th, 10:00 am to 6pm Sunday … Continue reading

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We came. We made musics. We got really, really sweaty.

Escondido Renaissance Faire was a complete blast. Despite the heat, we managed to have a pile of fun and as always it was awesome to see all of our old friends and have the chance to make a bunch of … Continue reading

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Tuesday Tarot, on Wednesday again. >.< 11-27-2013

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. I’d like to apologize for the delay once again, but this time I have a good excuse. At last weekend’s Green Zone 11 event, my wife Mischa was stung by a hornet. For most of … Continue reading

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Photos from First Weekend Esco Faire

Well, its Wednesday. I feel finally normal enough to attempt to internet properly today, and so today will be some photos taken at faire last weekend. Most of these were taken by Mischa, and some were taken by our friend … Continue reading

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